“An excellent, tasty product range. Well done!!”Paul H, Churchstoke

New Products


To supply our retailers, distributors and new outlets from the catering and international trade, in addition to our current range of products, we are continually looking for new quality products and new quality suppliers to assist us with our range.

Additionally we are always happy to discuss making our products available to new customers – whether that a retailer, distributor, a member of the catering sector or for those dealing with international trade.

Products being added to our range in 2009 include:

    Gravy (Heat-through such as Onion, Roast Pork, Chicken)

    Sauces (Heat-through such as Onion, Mustard, Bread)

    Sauces (Cold such as Apple, Garlic, Tartare, Horseradish)  

    Mustards (English, Wholegrain, Flavoured)

    Chutneys (Ploughman’s, Onion Marmalade, Apple, Date)

    Black Pudding

    Marinades and Rubs

    Mayonnaises and Dips

    Jellies (Mint, Apple, Cranberry)

    Pickled Onions

english smooth mustard
 horseradish wholegrain mustard
 Exclusive English Smooth Mustard
 Black Pudding Exclusive Black Pudding
Pork Black Pudding Exclusive Black Pudding