“An excellent, tasty product range. Well done!!”Paul H, Churchstoke


What is Brocket Hall Foods Ltd?

Brocket Hall Foods Limited is a food company which is focused on sourcing traditional British foods and drinks where there is clear opportunity to create a point of difference in quality, style or variety within the current marketplace and fully incorporate products that reflect values and respect for foods as they used to be.

Why is Brocket Hall Foods Ltd different from other companies?

We understand that today’s consumer now has higher expectations of the food they buy, the brands they buy and the quality of base ingredients.  All our products combine exemplary ingredients, true ‘old-style’ flavour, exclusive proven recipes and ongoing integrity of product, service and supply chain.

Is the pork you use solely British?

Yes – absolutely!  At Brocket Hall Foods we pride ourselves on using British ingredients wherever possible, and especially in our sausages and bacon!

Why do you solely use British Pork?

At Brocket Hall Foods our aim is to produce traditional British foods with prime British ingredients – it is what we are all about!

You say your pork content is 82% - what does that mean?

Ah – an interesting question.  Our sausages are made of 82 grammes of prime British pork per 100 grammes of sausage.  We do not use the poorer cuts of pork in our sausages, but prefer to use premium shoulder pork and some belly pork.  By doing this we are able to produce a quality sausage with minimal fat – so when you cook the sausage there is minimal leakage and shrinkage.  Some supermarkets and other manufacturers put additional pork fat in their sausages and are then able to say that their sausages are a higher pork content, say, 94% pork – but as they contain large amounts of added pork fat and poorer cuts of pork when you cook them they shrink – significantly!

I have a food distribution company and would like to stock your sausages, can I do this as well as keeping my present supplier?

Yes of course.  We believe that there is a place for a whole selection of sausages, from budget to our own premium range of 82% British pork.  Many of your customers may only use a budget or mid-range sausage and bacon but where your customers want something extra and something British then this is where Brocket Hall Foods products are perfect.  Whether it be a quality restaurant, a top class hotel or a retail store that is interested in traditional British products then we are able to supply you – without you having to give up your current supplier.

I though fat added flavour – why do you not add lots of fat to your sausages?

The prime cuts of pork that we use to make our excellent sausages already contains some elements of fat - so we do not need to add more!  Certainly the right amount of fat can add flavour, but more fat than necessary will just disolve and cook-out when the sausage is heated right through - so you would be paying for an ingredient that is being leached out when cooked.  what would be the point of that?

I cannot find you on supermarket shelves.  Why is that?

After discussions with a number of supermarkets it became clear that their requirements including the large profit margins required by the supermarkets, meant that we would either need to lower the standard of our products or choose to not make ourselves available for supermarket shelves.  We decided that the quality and integrity of our products was paramount, and more important than any supermarkets’ profits, and for this reason you will not find us on supermarkets’ shelves in the UK.

Will your sausages shrink?

Minimally.  Unlike other sausages ours do not have significant amounts of added fat, added water, or are made with deeply chilled pork which contains lots of water.  This means that there is little residue in the pan when you cook both our sausages and our bacon, and therefore the shrinkage that you will see is minimal - especially compared with many of our competitors sausages on the market today.

What is the difference between your Premium sausage and your Gastro sausage?

We have found that a number of customers like big fat sausages, and others prefer normal fat sausages.  So, in order to ensure we give our customers what they want, we make sure both styles are available.  Both styles of sausage are similar and have exemplary ingredients and excellent flavour.

I am a retailer – can I sell your products?

In short, if you are looking at selling a quality sausage, yes.  We are not a budget range as our ingredients are all about quality and taste and we believe that these are worth paying for.  If you wish to offer your customers superior sausages then give us a call or drop us an email.

I am in food service – can I distribute your products?

Absolutely - as long as you are looking for quality for your customers.  Simply give us a call or drop us an email and we will come back to you.

I am in the food industry – would you be able to package specifically for me?

Generally yes.  We are always keen to discuss our customers requirements and, with fresh and frozen products, can offer packaging either for retail or catering.  Please contact us by using the Contact Details form or email info@brockethallfoods.com.

Are your products available abroad?

Yes – we will shortly be available in the Algarve at a number of supermarkets and specialist stores and are in discussion concerning our products being available in a number of outlets throughout the world. 

I am an exporter/importer – can I sell your products?

Yes of course.  We are able to supply most of our products either frozen, chilled or as ambient goods.  Some countries do not allow for the import of certain foods but, apart from in these instances, we are happy to discuss how we might work with you.  Simply use the Contact Details form or email info@brockethallfoods.com.

Where can I eat your sausages?

Our sausages are available at a number of restaurants and outlets – generally you will find us as Brocket Hall Foods on the menu but sometimes restaurants and cafes prefer to not name the products on their menus.  To see where you are able to eat our Brocket Hall Foods sausages please check out the Restaurants link under the Stockists tab above.

Do you make products for vegetarians?

We are developing a range of frozen products for vegetarians, and many of our soon-to-be-launched ambient range meet vegetarian standards.

I see Lord Brocket is involved with Brocket Hall Foods Ltd – is he a part of the company?

Absolutely.  Lord Brocket, better know as ‘Charlie’, is not just a face of Brocket Hall Foods Ltd but an intrinsic part of the company, and involved with many of the day to day decisions.

Do I need to prick your sausages?

NO, No, no!!  We only use natural sausage skins and there is no need to prick our sausages as so many of our competitors tell its customers to do.  Our natural sausages skins allow for the sausage to expand while cooking so there is no need to prick our sausages, as you would have to do with collagen (non-natural) skins! 

Do you use natural skins on your sausages?

Yes.  We only use natural sausages skins and not collagen.  We believe that a premium product, such as ours, should only use natural ingredients – including the sausage skins!