“An excellent, tasty product range. Well done!!”Paul H, Churchstoke

Brocket Hall Foods Cooked Sausages

Our aim at Brocket Hall Foods is to source traditional British foods and drinks where there is clear opportunity to create a point of difference in quality, style or variety that reflect values and flavour as they used to be in the early years of Brocket Hall, Hertfordshire.

All primary ingredients used in our products are carefully sourced from within the United Kingdom to ensure consistent quality and supply. Our producing partners each have a strong ‘track-record’ within their field and a reputation for quality and consistency of supply.

The products in our Brocket Hall Foods range obtain their flavour and texture only from natural ingredients and no artificial flavourings or colourings are or will be used.

We believe in building relationships with suppliers, retailers, distributors and the catering and international trades and ensuring consistent high standards and excellent quality products. We have chosen to not list our products with major supermarkets and other multiples and are proud to say that our products will not be found on the UK’s supermarkets’ shelves.